Letters Events

It’s a social event!  And, it provides the hands-on opportunity for your  members to design letters!

You set the date and put out the invitation.  I show up at the designated time with sizing samples of the t-shirts and hoodies, along with our 80+ fun fabrics to mix and match.  All your members have a great time helping each other pick their designs and ordering their letters.  We make all your letters back here at the shop and ship them back to you in approximately two weeks…free shipping!

And why would you do this? 

  1.  It’s a blast!
  2. Your members will love it as a bonding event.
  3. A fun way to get your group into high quality twill lettered garments to wear around campus.
  4. Great prices, fast turn-around, free shipping and high quality goods!

Letter Event Ideas:

  1. Greek week event!  A great way for the newly initiated to get their first pair of letters designed at their own hand.
  2. Before the big reveal!  A fun and easy way for members to order matching letters for themselves and their new littles or dots.
  3. Big/little event!  Getting matching letters is a great way for bigs and littles to bond and at this event they get to design together.
  4. Parent Brunch!  Mothers love to help their daughters design letters and fathers are just happy to provide the credit card.  It’s a nice mixer that gets everyone talking and the members end up with new letters.  Sometimes parents end up ordering something for themselvesJ.

Contact Marsanne at 7daysagreek to get your letters event on the calendar. (contact info here, including an option to click into email)