What options of apparel does 7DaysaGreek offer for decorating?

We offer the following 6 pieces:

  1. Unisex Gildan Short sleeve t-shirt
  2. Unisex Gildan Long-sleeve t-shirt
  3. Women’s  Bella V-neck
  4. Unisex Gildan  Crewneck Sweatshirt
  5. Unisex Gildan Hoodie
  6. Unisex Gildan Zip-up Hoodie
  7. Unisex Tank Top

Why are there only 7 options?

We find that 99% of all orders placed in our store are one of the above options. So, we can make sure the vast majority of our customers can get exactly what they want off our website, while keeping our inventory down which allows us to keep our prices low and turn-around quick.  The availability for  these items is always strong which is another reason we have chosen them.

What if I really want an item other than the ones you have listed?

Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  We can certainly work with you on that.

You guarantee that my order will be put in the mail from your store within 5-7 days. How can you promise such a fast turn-around?

We see how anxious our local customers are to get their garments after they have worked to create their special design. We want all of you to have your order as quickly as possible. Plus, we like to make room for new orders coming in.

There may be some exceptions to us finishing a product in 5-7 days. Such as, in the case of a certain color garment not being available suddenly. In that situation we would contact you.

Also, large orders may or may not fall within the 5-7 day completion time. We reserve the 3-14 day option for orders over 25, even though we will strive for the 5-7 day mark.

Once you put my order in the mail, how long can I expect it to take to get to me?

Depending on where you live, it should take 24-72 hours to reach you. This is also dependent on weekend and holiday mailing schedules.

What if I need to change or cancel my order?

Because all items are custom, once an order has been processed and the manufacturing has begun, changes are not easy, but we will work with you.  If an order has not been processed, it can be cancelled with a $2.00 fee.

What if there is an item missing from my order, or I receive a damaged or incorrect item?

All merchandise should be inspected as soon as you receive it. If you discover a mistake on the part of 7DaysaGreek, we will replace that item.

What if I don’t receive my item after it is shipped by 7DaysaGreek?

7DaysaGreek does not take responsibility for delays or losses resulting from negligence on the part of the carrier, weather conditions, power failures, etc. 7DaysaGreek will not reimburse you if a very rare event of a lost item occurs. 7DaysaGreek will, however, contact the shipping company immediately in an attempt to find the package. If the package is not located 7DaysaGreek will file a claim on your behalf with the shipping company.

What if I need an order rushed back to me in less than 7-10 day normal delivery window?

Contact 7DaysaGreek with your request. Depending on the status of our business at the time, a rush charge may or may not be applied. Overnight shipping charges will also be applied if you request that.

Are there discounts with large orders?

Yes. A large order that uses the same design on each garment is certainly discounted. Our volume discounts are as follows:

Quantity Discount

over 12: 10% off
over 35: 15% off
over 50:  20% off

Apparel style, color and design need to be the same for each item for discounts to apply.

Does it save me any money to order with other people from my chapter even if we are all ordering different designs?

Absolutely.  We will also apply a 5% discount to the whole order if it is over 12 and placed together.  In some cases we will comp an item for the person coordinating the order.  Contact us to arrange that.

Can I order on-line but pick up my garment at the store?

Of course. We love to have customers pick up their items in the store and see their reactions. Especially if you are a Colorado or Wyoming student and plan to shop with us anyway. We will plan on having your order ready when you get here.

Are the fabrics and colors accurately represented on the website?

7DaysaGreek has represented the patterns and colors as accurately as possible. But, due to computer monitor differences there are small variations with some colors.

What is the proper care for my item?

The care instructions on the tags of the items are meant for the blank item and are not intended for the item with customization on it. Because the customization is delicate or fabrics can bleed if put in the washer/dryer, we recommend the gentler washing methods of  dry cleaning or hand wash/spot cleaning. We  do not recommend putting your items in the dryer to shrink them as the fabrics can also shrink and  may start to pull away from the stitching.

Can I send in my own fabric for the letters?

Yes. There is an option for “send in your own fabric” in the drop down menu. There is no additional charge for this option.  Once you place the order, please send us the fabric via UPS and let us know when to expect it so that we are looking for it. The production timing will start once we receive the fabric. Please include a copy of your order confirmation  with your fabric.  We can advise you on how much fabric you need to send us.   We would suggest a minimum of a half yard for a single shirt just to account for any mistake that could be made with the fabric.

Can I send in my own item to be customized?

Yes. You can customize your own item.  Once you place the order, please send the item to us via UPS. The production timing for the order will start once we receive the item. Please include a copy of your order confirmation in with your item.  If we have any concerns with your request we will get in touch with you.  7dayasgreek will not be responsible for any of the shipping costs related to decorating this item.  If you have any concerns about the viability of whether the work can be done, we suggest that you contact us before you send the item.

My order was made wrong or was received damaged

If your order was not made according to what your order confirmation says, please email us within 3 days of delivery of your order and we will send you a corrected replacement once we can verify the error.  If your item is received damaged let us know within 3 business days and we will work with you on a solution so that you have an item that you love to wear.

My item doesn’t fit.

If the item was not made in the size you ordered, let us know right away and we will send you a corrected replacement. If the item was made on the size that you ordered, the item is unable to be returned or exchanged as it was custom made according to the options you selected when placing the order.  But if you let us know we will try to work with you on a compromise, we want you to have an item that fits right!

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns or exchanges as the items are custom made according to the options selected when the order was placed. If your item was not made according to what your order confirmation says, please send us an email within 3 days of delivery of your order and we will send you a corrected replacement once we can verify the error.

I am not digging the color combination that I picked.

We do not accept returns or exchanges on customized items if they are made according to the options selected when the order was placed.  But we will work with you on a compromise of some kind, because we want you to love your letters!   We will be happy to help you make a decision beforehand if you feel  you need some assistance or a second opinion.

My package was shipped but never arrived.

A. Please track the package using the tracking number you received in your shipping confirmation email and see what the status of the package currently is. If there is an issue with the address, please contact customer service and we would be happy to assist you with getting this resolved.

If you have tracked your package and it is marked as delivered but you still do not have it, please do the following:

– check with any roommates, friends, family, neighbors, etc. who may have picked up the package without telling you – if your package is being shipped to an apartment complex, check with any sort of a leasing office/front office where the package may have been left with someone

If you check all the above and you still do not have the package, please contact customer service so we can assist you in starting an investigation in to the status of your package with the shipping company.

What is the best way to communicate with 7DaysaGreek?

We will always answer our phone or return phone calls during business hours so that is a great way.  Email is best because it leaves a trail to refer back to.  Never leave important information on the answering machine and assume that it has been applied to your order without having a written confirmation from us.