About The Owners

7daysagreek is a family run business tucked close to the CSU campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. We enjoy the Greek clientele that comes to us not only from Colorado State University, but from neighboring universities in Greeley, Denver, Boulder and Laramie, Wyoming.

Although we carry a wide variety of Greek products in our store, custom ordered Greek apparel is our specialty. We do our part to keep the local Greek population in good-looking twill-lettered t-shirts, sweatshirt, and jackets.

Chris is chief-embroiderer and over-sees the whole production crew. Chris seldom turns down a request from our Greek customers to try something new in a twill design. He takes pride in producing whatever they work so hard to design. Our signature flag designs have been his creations.

We Take to heart his guarantee to have a garment done in 5-7 days and will work with his staff round the clock to get orders out. He has even sewn garments on the spot to accommodate a birthday or initiation event. He loves to challenge his crew with huge orders. That is where I (Marsanne) come in.

I have the challenging task of perusing the fabric stores, ever on the look-out for the latest and greatest paisley or polka-dot. I love when a customer asks my opinion and try to keep my mouth shut when they don’t.

Going to college campuses and taking orders at my signature 7 Days A Greek letters events has allowed me to work with many interesting Greek students, bring back lots of orders to Chris and his crew and do my part to keep the chapters well-advertised on all participating campuses.

Even though Chris nor I were part of the Greek life during college, we have come to recognize this population as a productive, positive and inspired group of young people who contribute greatly to their college communities and beyond.

Blog #4

Colorado Flag Letters
What is it about the Colorado flag that has captured the attention and following of the state’s population so completely? Is it the boldness and simplicity, the artistry and colors, or is there a striking symbolism that touches us on a psychic level that we are not even aware of? I guess it doesn’t hurt that those of us that live here are really fond of the state in general. Whatever the reason, the state flag design can be seen incorporated everywhere you look here in Colorado. On t-shirts, in logos, on billboards, atop cupcakes and all highway markers, the familiar blue and white stripes with the red C encompassing the yellow circle are adopted and beloved and combined with many other identities here in Colorado.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the flag’s design? According to Wikipedia, it was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson in 1911 and adopted by the Colorado General Assembly on June 5th of the same year. I was very surprised to learn this! I had assumed that it was a much more contemporary piece of artwork. There have been a couple of slight modifications of the original through the years, but the current design has been established since 1964.

What I find particularly interesting is the meaning behind the graphics. The royal blue (same color as the United States flag) represents the vibrant blue of the sky, while the white represents our snow-capped mountains. The red (also tied into the American flag) represents our ruddy colored earth, and the yellow disc in the center?…the sun that shines so many, many days of the year, of course! It is a great design and my hat is off to Andrew Carlisle Johnson for providing us a flag design that can represent so proudly, the state that all of us Coloradoans love.

It is no surprise that Colorado state letters are the most popular design here at 7daysagreek in Fort Collins. Does your state flag lend itself well to being incorporated with your Greek letters? Check out on our website…maybe they are already available!

Blog #3

“One can acquire everything in solitude except character.”
― Stendhal,

There are so many reasons to get involved in your community when you go to college.  Put that on your list of goals along with a good GPA and better eating habits.  Some of the reasons are that you build your resume, make new friends, learn new things,  make valuable contacts, gain a sense of pride and well-beingxa, and most of all…make the world a better place! Here are some way to go about it.

Community Service:  I know you are busy with studies, friends and work maybe, but just a few hours a month is all some organizations need from you.  If you like kids check out the local Boys and Girls Club,  Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts,  the City Parks and Recreation, or the library.  If your passion is environmental and the outdoors, work some Saturday morning building a trail.  If you mostly just want to help while being social, check with your local Chambers.  There are often fun city events going on in the fall such as festivals and fun runs.  These events often need volunteers and the environment is always a blast.

Professional Organization:  There are fraternities that gather to do philanthropy work or network in your major.  These are usually co-ed and can be a lot of fun while building your resume and learning from more experienced upper classmen.  These organizations also give you the opportunity to learn from experts in your field and attend conferences and seminars.

Campus Events:  Be a fan!  Whether your school has great teams or weak ones…school sports are always a fun activity and those teams need your support.  Go to the event that you have always been interested in, or try learning about a new sport.

Intramural Sports:  This might be the most fun community activity of all.  If you are a competitive athlete you will be welcome with open arms from whatever team you choose to join. If you are less than competitive, find a team that is out to have fun.

These are just a few of your options to get involved…and reaching out to others to be a joiner with you can make it that much more fun and meaningful.

Blog #2

Textbooks: A love/hate relationship.  They are beautiful, shiny and hold so much potential for contributing to your knowledge, wisdom, maturity and career.  On the other hand, they are heavy, intimidating, have small print and too much of it, and of course…very,  very expensive.  Well…you cannot get through college without them,  so here are a few things you should know before you go out and spend your money on them.

Why do they cost so much?  Bottom line…is the bottom line.  Publishing companies of textbooks are expected to make as much money as possible from each purchase.   Because of the quickly changing nature of most academic fields, updates and new editions are required annually in some cases.   So not only do they cost a lot, they do not hold their value.  Some textbook publishers markup the cost of the book to pay the author since used textbook sales don’t produce royalties for said author.

How can I save money when buying textbooks?  Get your class syllabus early and shop for your books before school starts.  There are various online retailers you can investigate.  Compare prices and look for used books.  A comparison price website to utilize is DirectTextbook.com.   Sites to shop from include campusbooks.com and Amazon.com.  The highest prices you are likely to pay will be at your University bookstore.  The good thing about shopping there is getting only what you need when you need it.

Do I need to buy all the books required?  Probably…to give yourself the best chance at doing well in the class.  Our daughter really skimped when buying undergrad textbooks though and she made it to law school.  She shared the book and the cost of the books with classmates, and was able to find much of the information online.  When she did buy the book she shopped carefully for it and sold it when possible.  The trick to that approach is knowing which books are crucial to your success and that you may want to keep after you are done with the class.

The best way you can optimize the money you spend on college textbooks?  Read them!

Blog #1

Admit it…you are so ready for school to start up again.  How does that work? As wonderful as it was to start summer break,   it actually gets a little boring after the first 5 weeks or so.  If you are working long hours at a summer job and not in close proximity to your sorority or fraternity friends, it only takes about 3 weeks to start thinking about campus, new classes, old friends,  and  a social life come back to life!

You still have a couple weeks before school starts, but here are some things you can think about to make the transition smooth…because we  know that it will be here before you know it!

  1.  Get your school supplies.  Granted, you may have to add to them once you find out what is required for each class, but you need to have the basics going in.  Shopping at your local department store will save you a ton of money compared to shopping at your University bookstore.  Do shop early in the morning, or later in the evening when the aisles won’t be full of kids and moms grabbing for the Disney Princess and Ninja Turtle folders.
  2. Look carefully at your wardrobe.  Do not, I repeat, do not take a load of clothes with you back to college without going through them carefully.  Of course, how much you take will depend on far from school you live and how quickly the seasonal weather will change.  Either way,  be conscious of taking clothes that you have determined to be in good condition and still fashionable from last year.  Don’t forget to take a few (not a ton) of those comfort clothes…old t-shirts, sweats and work-out clothes.
  3. Go clothes shopping if you need to.  But go out with a plan!  Make your money go further by looking for pieces that go well together, or go well with what you already have.  Plan out outfits for everyday of the whole first week, down to the underwear.  Just this will go a long way in determining that you have the items you need.  Make sure that you appropriate some of your budget for good shoes to work out in!
  4. Success plan…the important stuff!  Set some goals and write them down.  This is obviously a whole topic for another blog.  Do you want to improve your GPA? (who doesn’t?),  make time for volunteer work? make new friends?  eat healthier?  Take into account what worked last year. Also think about someone who has some of the successes that you want…they may have some habits that you would do well to adopt.
  5. Get your brain warmed up.  Go online and look at your class syllabus if it’s available.  Whether you are taking a class in Renaissance art or  Biology 101,  do a quick review of the materials and go online to get a briefing of the subject matter.
  6. Give your physical, mental and emotional state a headstart.   Work out, eat healthy, set your bedtime and wake up time earlier, read something inspirational, be really nice to whoever you are living with now.  These practices are things you probably meant to do all summer and hopefully you did.  But if you didn’t…it will be a huge confidence boost and a great way to end your summer to start now!